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I woke up this morning to the sound of robins singing in the garden! Although the robins have been in the garden for several weeks this is the first time I heard them singing -I love to wake up to the sound of birds. Our snow is melting a little more each day and more perennials popping up daily. I had a friend for lunch yesterday and we were remembering a big snowstorm we had the end of March last year.It was also bitter cold so this spring is so much earlier for us.

I didn't really have much to share with you today so I made a few collages and I will try to do better for tomorrow!

I think this insect is a praying nantis that my little granddaughter found in our garden last year. Thank you, Robin for letting me know this is a Katydid not a praying nantis as I had thought it might be.

simple whites

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