Welcome Spring!!!

I just popped in to share some SPRING sunshine with you. It is a beautiful warm and sunny day here and I am excited because we were able to get out into our garden and do a little early cleanup. Now, these pictures are NOT this years garden yet, but soon I hope. Right now everything is pretty brown and there are only a few crocus blooming but we are way ahead of last year at this time.

We did some clean up in here and put our table and chairs back in as this is a sheltered place to enjoy some early spring beauty. I planted a few dozen new Angelique tulips in here last fall
Our hillside garden has hundreds of daffodils-this is the one part of the garden that still has snow.

Can't wait for spring color in the garden!
My computer still won't let me send more then 4 pics at a time so there are a few spring collages below as well.
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Welcome Spring!!!
Welcome Spring!!!
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