Vintage China

Last week when I was shopping for a new piece of furniture, I found these pretty vintage dishes.

My husbands grandmother had this set of china and it was her Sunday best. I always loved it but had only found a couple of pieces before.

I love the rose and the embossed design.

I was thrilled to see it had the covered veggie dish and a couple of platters too.

several cups and saucers too!

plates in all sizes and the cream and sugar bowl too.

gravy boat and platter

There were over 60 pieces and they cost less then $1 each so I couldn't resist.

When I get them displayed I will show them off again but first I have to paint the cupboard!

We are promised a couple more days of heavenly sunshine and them some rain to take away the snow. I am so glad that spring is in the air!

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Vintage China
Vintage China
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