Restful Beauty!

Sunday is my day of rest but on this beautiful sunny day I am enjoying looking through some of my garden photos from last year and thought you might enjoy seeing some of my flowering shrubs.Lilacs above.


Korean lilac standard

Opps! more Deutizia and I have forgotten the variety but I think they are all beautiful

we have over 40 lilac bushes in our garden-many are still young but each year they will become more beautiful

White spirea I think it is Thor and Wine and Roses Wergelia

I love mock oranges and have many different varieties-they are so fragrant!

crabapples are also beautiful

I love the many different varieties of hydrangeas also- they are easy care and long blooming and oh so beautiful.

Annebelle hydrangea blooms are so reliable in our zone 5b garden

In the Fall the Euonymus alatus or burning bush adds beauty to the garden.

The Limelight hydrangea is one of my favorites.

I hope you enjoyed coming along on my restful tour!


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Restful Beauty!
Restful Beauty!
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