Silver Bells

                                                         Hello everyone,
                                  Winter has arrived here and we have a good cover of snow on the ground now. It does make for a more Christmasy look for sure.
   I have a silver post today that ties in with the winter look.

                              I think this silver reindeer has a cool winter look.

            I added a few new silver bells etc. to my collection as they were 70% off .
                         I actually lucked in to a $5 white Christmas tree at the Restore on Friday so I will show you how it looks when I get it all decorated. I never thought I would want one but they have grown on me.

                                     The white tree with the lace curtain in the background.
                                              Love the cool silver look.
 A little sneak preview into the new 'conservatory' on the back of the cottage my husband and son built for me. I love it and you will probably see lots more of it! I also love the etched glass french doors that we got from an antique shop.

Thank you for stopping by,

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Silver Bells
Silver Bells
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