Tis The Night Before Christmas!

                                                                      Merry Christmas!
           So already it is Christmas Eve and I have been preparing all day as I am sure many of you have been too.
                              As many of you know we have a big family and thankfully, they are all able and willing to come for a traditional turkey dinner on Christmas Day.

                               So, I have set the tables in a simple style-there is always lots of dishes to do without going too fancy.
                              We use the two rooms with 2 big tables and a little children's table nearby.
                                                            I did some baking today.
                                        Cranberry oatmeal shortbread, pecan butterballs and  our new Christmas tradition of sticky date pudding because no one here seems to like plum pudding anymore. Some of our children bring desserts and sweet potatoe pie so there will be no shortage of treats.            
                                 The tree is decorated and the gifts are ready to be opened in the morning.

                                                           The stockings are hung.
                                                                The time is nigh!
                                                          A Christmas vignette.
                                                              Christmas mantel.
                                                             Candles are glowing!
                                                               The tea is ready!

                                    Happy to have nine 'little ones' to liven up our day!
                                                                                                                            I think I am as ready as I will be for our family Christmas Day. We are going  shortly to a lovely Christmas Eve service and then over to our daughters for a family open house. Oh! and we do have a dusting of snow ~ not sure you could call it a White Christmas but still not too bad!
 My hope is that you will have a wonderful Christmas  and that you will be blessed with good health ,peace,love and joy in the New Year.

Thank you for all your visits and lovely comments over the past year!

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Tis The Night Before Christmas!
Tis The Night Before Christmas!
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