Victoria by the Sea in Winter

                                                                 Happy Weekend!

              I hope you are enjoying your weekend. It has been very cold here for the past few days and although I enjoy winter I am looking forward to a little break from this bitter cold. In a couple of days it is going above freezing and then some rain-just in case you needed a weather report!
 One day last week we went for a drive when we had had a fresh snowfall so it was beautiful.We usually go to Victoria by the Sea a few times in summer when it is a busy little village with tourists we decided to check it out in winter.
  It is quieter in winter as many of the shops and restaurants are closed for the season.
             It is only a half hour drive from our home.

                Just outside the village is this lovely old church that now has a cafe and a dental office in it.Sad to see so many of our little country church closing down.          
        A little further up the road we went for a walk in the woods where there is a summer tourist attraction-a car life museum.

                                          Sorry,I couldn't resist.
                                               It was a beautiful day for a walk.

                                                        Country roads.

                        Thank you for coming along for the drive.If you would like to see Victoria by the Sea in summer click here.

                                                    I really loved their lupins!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend,

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Victoria by the Sea in Winter
Victoria by the Sea in Winter
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