Dutch Tulips

                                                         Hello everyone,
         It was a beautiful sunny day here and I was happy to go into town with my daughter and grandson Lucas, for a little shopping, and a lovely lunch at Leonhards. I will show you the treasures I got later.
   Today it is my "Dutch Tulips", I want to share with you. I got these lovely "Dutch Wooden Shoes"  last fall, you guessed it, at a thrift shop in New Brunswick . I am thrilled with them as my Mom is from Holland, so they have special meaning to me. They actually fit my husband, so he has tried them out at home. I don't think you will see him sporting them to town anytime soon though!!!
 I am thinking you must have to get used to walking in them.
           They are pretty though and will probably show up in future garden shots.
                               These  locally grown Tulips (Vanco)  are very popular and are grown by a Dutch family.
                               These spring beauties are in the little conservatory that my husband built.You can see that there is snow in the background but it was warm and sunny inside.
           They are such a " pick me up", while I wait for blooms in our own garden.

                               I love this urn from Time Worn Treasures and Antiques.

                            Forgive me I just couldn't help myself!

             Hope these pretty Dutch Tulips gave you a little lift too!
                On our stormy winter day yesterday,I dug out my sewing machine and worked on some projects that I am pretty pleased with, so I will share them with you soon too.

    Thank you for your visit!

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Dutch Tulips
Dutch Tulips
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