Hello everyone!

                 We are in the middle of a winter storm here on the Island so most of us are housebound.I think this storm has affected many of you too as it seems to have hit the New England states and eastern Canada.
            I think a day or two at home without work or shopping etc. is a good thing for us once in awhile. As,it is a good time to enjoy a winter pastime like knitting or crafting.It does sound like we are getting a couple of days of wind and snow this time-so snuggle in!

                                     A good day to enjoy comfort foods by the fire.

                                               or  a good time to enjoy reading a book.
                                                   Sipping some hot cocoa.

                                    Or maybe you just want to curl up and have an afternoon nap.
        Hope you are enjoying some peace and quiet on this stormy winter day!

                Stay warm and cosy,
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