A Vanity Makeover

                                                       Hello everyone,
        I hope you had a lovely weekend. We had a great turnout at Lori's shop for my magazine launch and I was so pleased to see some people I hadn't seen for awhile and also meet some new people. Lori's shop looked beautiful (wishing I had taken some pics) and I think everyone enjoyed it!Also,happy to have sold more then I anticipated.
    Now for todays post I wanted to show you the vanity make over that my friend Snow did for me a couple of weeks ago. While cleaning up the Gardener's  Cottage for the season this vanity was looking a little too shabby so Snow who enjoys painting said she would paint it up for me. She used a grey/green color and then roughed it up with sandpaper when it had dried.

                                        I love the new look-Thanks Snow!
                                          Some feminine touches to go on top.

                                                              The before look.
                                      Hard to resist taking a few shots of the bouquets.
                 Whenever,we have a nice sunny day,I will take some pics of the rest of the Gardener's Cottage to share with you.

 I am joining BNOTP today for Metamorphosis Monday.

Thank you for visiting,
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A Vanity Makeover
A Vanity Makeover
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