The Winners and our Spring Garden!

                                                                Hello everyone,
          Well, it is now time to announce the winners of my book "Aiken House & Gardens" as we have drawn 2 names out of the hat as promised! The winners are Julie at Julie's Little House and D.Stewart (no blog) - congratulations! As soon as I get your full mailing addresses I will drop them in the mail for each of you and I hope you will enjoy. Thank you to all of you who left such nice comments, I only wish I could give one to all 204 of you!
   Above is a spring bouquet sitting on the kitchen windowsill at Twine Cottage, our little home away from home in England last week.

             The last two weeks made a big difference in our garden as there are hundreds of daffodils and tulips etc. blooming now. This is our hillside garden bursting with the cheerful colours of spring.

             The island stone steps that my husband built are covered in moss now.I planted the new red tulips last fall but I thought they were much shorter so it isn't the look I had in mind but pretty none the less!
 This afternoon was sunny here so I went out and took a few shots of the garden after supper before going to our granddaughter's dance rehearsal.I am amazed at all that is blooming now -we had a few hot days while we were away and that is all it takes to make the garden pop!

Congratulations once again to Julie and D.Stewart.

Take care,
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The Winners and our Spring Garden!
The Winners and our Spring Garden!
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