An Autumn Walk

It is show and tell day at Cindy's My Romantic Home and I thought I would show you the sights on our morning walk. Here on Prince Edward Island the old railway tracks have been removed and the trails have been maintained for walking in summer and snowmobiles in winter.

The trails wind their way through woodlands and sometimes by water from one end of the Island to the other. It is a beautiful place to walk and the weather is perfect so come along with me.

The leaves are turning to their autumn colors.

There is a wonderful woodland fragrance to enjoy as we walk.

The birds are singing and fluttering from tree to tree in search of berries.

There is an abundance of these mountain ash berries for them to feed on.

I'm loving the fresh air and the fall colors.

The sky is beautiful.

We have picked several quarts of these blackberries-I love them in muffins. Still a few left to pick!

Interesting seedheads on the Queen Ann's Lace

more birds singing in the trees. Now our walk is over so lets have a cup of tea.

How about a slice of carrot cake after working up an appetite on our walk-it was 5 km after all.

I picked a small bouquet of Graham Thomas roses on the way in.

They are pretty aren't they and even better they match our china!

I hope you have time for a little chat.

Did you get a chance to stop and smell the roses?

Thank you Cindy for being our lovely hostess. I never miss a day going to visit Cindy at her beautiful Romantic Home and I'm sure you don't either.

Well, thank you for coming along on my walk and joining me for tea. So, same time and place tomorrow?

Have a lovely weekend,

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An Autumn Walk
An Autumn Walk
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