Autumn Mosaics

Good morning! We have been getting a lot of rain so I was happy when the sun came out yesterday afternoon and we could go for a nice drive to enjoy the fall foliage as it will all be gone soon. November is a rather barren month here on the Island but since I love Christmas I focus on getting ready for the holiday season and soon the barren land will be covered with a sparkling white blanket of snow and beauty is abundant once again.

These are some autumn scenes that I shot around various places on the Island.

These were taken at a garden center in Summerside called Cool Breeze. Pretty cool don't you think?
Today I am joining Mary at Little Red House for her lovely Mosaic Monday. Mary is a wonderful photographer and always has beautiful photos to share so if you haven't already go and check it out and the other lovely mosaics as well.

Thank you for visiting me and I hope you enjoy all the autumn beauty around you too.

Take care,


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Autumn Mosaics
Autumn Mosaics
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