Soup Tureens

It is Friday already and I realized that this is show and tell day at My Romantic Home so I hope I am not too late to join in. Today I am sharing my collection of soup tureens.This first one I bought at tjmaxx on a trip to Maine a few years ago.

This pretty blue and white one is old and I bought it at an auction sale last year.I have a collection of blue and white transferware so this fits in well.

Now this one I found at my favorite antique shop and it was cheap so how could I leave it behind.

This one some of you have seen before and I took it back from England in my carry on bag.

I love red and white transferware and this came from a local thrift shop.

I know this is more of a vegetable bowl but I have used it as a soup tureen before I bought all the other soup tureens I really needed!
Thank you Cindy at My Romantic Home for hosting this event.

Thank you for visiting me,

Have a great weekend,

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Soup Tureens
Soup Tureens
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