In the Pink!

Today I am in the pink so I have a few pink images to share with you.
There are still a few late roses blooming in the garden.
This Mary Rose preforms well in my garden. It is a David Austen rose that is hardy for our zone 5b garden.
roses and teacups- what could be prettier!

It has been raining here for the past 24 hours so I have been enjoying some family time and this morning some baking,cooking and cleaning. It is nice to be snug and cozy in the house today. There will soon be some heavy duty gardening chores to get done outside as we get the garden ready for winter but not just yet. I hope to squeeze another week or two of enjoyment from the garden before we get that killing frost that will mean it is time to cut down the old foliage and haul it to the compost and cover the roses for winter.
I hope this post finds you are 'in the pink' also.
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In the Pink!
In the Pink!
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