Our Tour Around the Town

Hello again,

Before I take you on our carriage tour around the town(Charlottetown) I want to show you where my husband and I enjoyed a lovely evening out on Monday.

Yep! That's right the Lieutenant Governor's home 'Fanningbank'.

I was so wishing I could have taken my camera inside to show you the way it was so beautifully decorated for Christmas- but even I have limits as to where I take photos!

This is the side of the house coming up the drive-isn't it breathtaking?

The reason we were invited is because I am on the garden committee and above is this is the garden in summer. We had a lovely elegant dinner and we really enjoyed the evening. Now,how do I get to be the Lieutentant Governer(he,he)?

Now, for our horse and carriage ride around the town-it too was lovely.it was a cool wintry evening but we Canadians know how to layer -or at least one of us does! they had a big buffalo robe to cover up in so we were quite snug!

This is Doc our one horse open sleigh guide. Isn't he handsome? Smart too as he responded very well to the nice young girl driving us around!

We went by Province House where the Confederation of Canada began.

Some Christmas color

I did say i am not good at evening shots but you can see it was a beautiful night for a ride through town.

I did some window shopping too!

We went by the Anne of Green Gables store.

I am glad we still remember the reason for the season.

This is a beautiful heritage B&B

After the carriage ride we took a little tour by some lovely homes in town all decked out for Christmas. I love this time of year!

I love the snow covering the trees and shrubs-remember I am wearing layers!

This beautiful property is the most expensive home in our town-it has a large stone home overlooking the water and it looks so enchanting at night.

This is a little peek at it-I will have to go back in daylight to get a better shot. It looks like a big English manor home to me.

Another lovely home overlooking the water in the back.

And then back to Home Sweet Home. Thank you Andrew for the romantic tour around the town!

Hope you enjoyed coming along with us-now would you like a cup of hot cocoa?

Take care,


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Our Tour Around the Town
Our Tour Around the Town
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