The Joy of Family !

Hello again,

I hope you all enjoyed a wonderful Christmas season. Can you believe another year has slipped away?

We had a wonderful time with our family gathered around for a few different events this Christmas season. I have always enjoyed having a big family but never more then at Christmas time. Although the days of excited little voices in the early hours of Christmas morning are gone(too quickly) I still love to have our now grown children arrive some with little ones in tow for fun,food and laughter! With seven children,five children in laws and nine grandchildren -we can make this old house rock!

some new Christmas china from my sweet husband.

My oldest daughter gave me this pretty lamp for Christmas

We had a green Christmas this year -unless you count a fine dusting of white powder but last night we had a storm roll in giving us some high winds and colder temperatures with some snow..

I am hoping that you too experienced the joy of family or loved ones this holiday season!

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The Joy of Family !
The Joy of Family !
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