Our Winter Garden

Hi everyone,

I hope you enjoyed your weekend. On Saturday,it was mild here and I planted the last of my tulips and even picked a small bouquet of pansies but overnight we had our first real snowfall for this winter. It is beautiful to see the trees covered as well as the ground of course. I love winter pictures so I went out with my camera to take some photos of our winter garden. It is mosaic Monday so I made a few mosaic's so I could join in the fun at The Little Red House again.

I looked out the window and saw Mr.Fox outside so I quickly got a shot of him.

I hope Audrey isn't too cold out there!

This morning when I went out this little woodpecker and I had a close encounter.

The sun is shining this morning giving a different look to the garden. One of the joys of a winter garden is it is all God's handiwork and all I have to do is sit back and admire it!

I would like to thank all of you lovely ladies who took the time to leave a nice comment either here or on the Houzz blog. I really appreciate all your kind words and support.

Now ,I am going to head over to Mary's lovely Little Red House and see what other's have been up to. Thank you Mary for hosting-I always enjoy it!

Take care,
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Our Winter Garden
Our Winter Garden
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