A Fall Party

Hello everyone, welcome to my little corner of Rhondi's Fall Party over at Rose Colored Glasses. Although today on Prince Edward Island it is a summery day with an expected temperature of 24 degrees Celsius we have been having cooler nights and even had frost a couple of nights. So Fall is definitely in the air here. The terrace above is taking on it's fall colors with a change in linens ,a fall bouquet and the virginia creeper is changing to a maroon color.

Our veranda has been re done in fall colors.

a fake fall garland

The garden is taking on it's fall colors too.

I love this big fall bouquet I made from flowers and berries etc. from the garden.

The colors of autumn are everywhere

even indoors -I have a cozy corner for you to sit and have a cup of tea.

Why not have some sticky date pudding too-it is a lovely fall dessert.

Have a happy fall and enjoy the party at Rhondi's lovely place Rose Colored Glasses.

Thank you Rhondi for hosting.

And thank you for visiting me,


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A Fall Party
A Fall Party
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