Fall Relaxation

Fall is definitely in the air here on the Island lately so I have been changing some of the colors to be more in keeping with our season.

It is still lovely to sit outside with a good book to relax and take in the colors of fall.

How about some hot apple cider and a juicy apple ?

As some of you may remember this was my Dad's old bike.

I found this birdhouse on sale at a shop in Moncton last week. I love the color and design of it.

My husband and I have been busy painting our house this past week. It is coming along good as the main body of the house is almost done so we just have the trim to do and then decide what to do about the shutters. The color is called wooden swing and it a little more gold then I had expected but it certainly fits the fall theme and in the spring we can always paint it spring green-JUST KIDDING! I like change but not that much. Do you like the color? It was taupe before and starting to peel in spots so it definitely needed to be painted and it was time for a change of color too but it still had to match our moss green barn(burgandy and gold trim).

The birdhouse with some fall blooms from the garden.

It is windy ,cool and showery today so I am enjoying cleaning the house-which was a bit neglected lately- while the aroma of a big pot of oven roasted vegetables rafts though the house. I do enjoy getting out my favorite recipes for fall as soon as the weather gets cooler. Well, I am off to visit my Mom for awhile so I hope you have a good weekend.

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Fall Relaxation
Fall Relaxation
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