A Little Bit of Pink!

Hello everyone,

Today I am on a pink theme as I am joining in on the Pink Saturday fun over at Beverly's.

A pink rose from the garden-still a few more blooms to come.

These are dishes that I bought at yard sales- and speaking of yard sales today is the day of our annual 70 mile yard sale in Kings county P.E.I. so you know where I am off to. All up and down the roads there are yard sales with everything from fresh produce to fine china!

I love the softness of this photo.

I will end with this little pink Fairy rose that has been blooming it's heart out for more then two months. It is one of my favorite roses.

Thank you for visiting and enjoy Pink Saturday at Beverly's How Sweet the Sound.

Take care,


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A Little Bit of Pink!
A Little Bit of Pink!
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