A Fall Tea

The weather has been beautiful here with lots of sunshine but it definitely has that fall tinge to the air and the evenings are cooler and shorter. So, I have been getting into a more fall like mode. So today I used my chintz tea set that has the colors of autumn.

Sit down and enjoy a cup of tea and the latest issue of Victoria.

I made a treat for you- it is Sticky Date Pudding with toffee sauce and a dollop of whip cream.

The sun is shining in giving a cozy golden glow to the room.

I bought a few pieces of this chintz tea set a few years ago.

they are sitting on a handmade lace tablecloth that I bought at an antique shop.

These are some dalhia's I picked from our garden.

This old pitcher was a nice find on a trip to Maine-it matches the wallpaper and the dalhia!

Take your time and enjoy a fall tea with me and if you would like more sticky date pudding there is lots more and I need some help with it as it is a big temptation to me!

Thank you for visiting and I hope you are enjoying these beautiful fall days too.

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A Fall Tea
A Fall Tea
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