My Yard Sale Treasures

As many of you know I went to the annual 70 mile yard sale here on Saturday. Today I am sharing photos of most of what I bought. I did get a nice white iron bed($10) for Abby my granddaughter but it went to her home before I took a picture.

The little stack of dishes were less then$10.

the pretty pink cup was$1. but no saucer however I knew it would look pretty with the pink saucer I had.

This cup and saucer was $1 also.

The cup and saucer in foreground $3.

This lovely plate did not photograph well but it was $10.

25 cents for this cute little handmade heart

These brackets for our veranda were$12.

I got these dishes and a pink tablecloth and two wooden curtain rods -oh and a red and white transferware plate all for $5. The teapot doesn't have a cover but it will look nice with a little bouquet of flowers.

I already had this teapot from the yard sale a few years ago.

I love this $10. platter. It will look good in my porch on the wall.

book $2.

I love this tablecloth with the lace border for $8.

I got a new English cottage cup and saucer for $3. I already had the teapot and one cup and saucer.

this door($35) came from the restore last week. I love it!

This beautiful big tablecloth was a find a couple of weeks ago. If I can bear to cut it,I plan to make curtains from it.

I got the little bowl for 50 cents but the pitcher came from Coulson's $20.

I got this lovely pitcher Saturday at my first stop for $5. I love it. Notice the lupins are having a little bit of a second bloom.

Now,I remember a little pair of white curtains with pretty lace edging for $1. that I forgot to show you.I hope to make them into pillowcases.Oh! and what might be my best buy -a big wooden window with wooden grills for $20. We are planning to build a greenhouse sometime so it will be perfect for that.

I also found there was a lot of nice clothes some still brand new so I got a few new outfits too!

So that was my day,don't you think I did pretty good? I think this sale is a great idea as people from other provinces come over for it so it gives tourism a little fall boost and it is good recycling.

Take care,


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My Yard Sale Treasures
My Yard Sale Treasures
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