Dish Fluffing

Hello! Come on in . The weather was cool and damp the last couple of days so I start to move back indoors more I always seem to want to make changes indoors. I guess you could call it my fall fluffing. So yesterday, I decided to take my white dishes out of this cupboard in our porch and display some of my blue and white collection.

This chamber set was in a bedroom upstairs but I thought it might look good on this cupboard.This old chamber set belonged to my grandparents-it was a wedding gift to them more then a 100 years ago.

The shoe and little covered jar were my Mom's. My mother grew up in Holland and came to Prince Edward Island as a war bride. She is 85 years old now and I still enjoy my daily visits with her.

The teapot was a gift from my husband.It came from our local hospital giftshop where they often have very pretty dishes.

The little childrens teacups came from England last year.

This teaset also was my Mom's.

Oh! my pretty soup tureen from a' charity' shop in England.

These also belonged to my sweet mama.

The cups and saucers I found in an antique mall in Maine.They match the teapot very well I think.

So now that little project is done but what to do with my white dishes-oh well that will be another story!
We had a heavy white frost last night-I am hoping it wasn't a killing frost. We did cover our annuals but it was cold!

The sun is shining now so it looks like we can work on painting the house again today.I am looking forward to getting that job done.

Hope you have a good day!


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Dish Fluffing
Dish Fluffing
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