Brown and White Toile

I am glad you could stop by today. With the weather getting a little cooler here I am starting to move back indoors a little more so come on in and I will show you some of my brown and white toile today.
This plate came from Winner's a few years ago. The fairies were a gift from my daughter.
Even though this bowl has a crack in it, I still love it.
I love these toile pitchers. I have been looking for a red and white one for along time but haven't found one yet. I have a blue and white one too and last week I found a purple(mauve) and white
one but still no red and white. However,patience is a virtue and I know one will turn up sooner or later.

I love the brown toile wallpaper that I found at Mardens in Bangor Maine a couple of years ago.It was $2. a roll. Now I know many of you dislike wallpaper but this old fashioned gal still likes it.
Pillow shams were a lucky thrift find.
The bed came from Coulson's in Summerside and I painted it.
lamp was also a thrift shop find

some old lace and linens on the old wall cupboard-guess I forgot to show it.
I love cameos so this little trinket box was made for me !

My little bowl dressed up.
Well that is all my show and tell for today. that reminds me when our children were little and they had a show and tell day every week. One of my boys caught a mouse outside and put it in his kit bag for show and tell only to have it get out while we were eating supper and run across the kitchen floor much to my dismay(I hate mice) and his because he had lost his prize show and tell! Where did those days go? Thankfully, we have been compensated with grandchildren!
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Brown and White Toile
Brown and White Toile
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