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I find myself drawn to antique children's toys,gown's or little chairs so today I am sharing a few things I have collected. I got this well worn antique doll at an auction sale last year. The little wooden rocking chair I bought at a yard sale several years ago.

I was really excited to get this 99 year old christening gown at my neighbour's auction sale a couple of weeks ago because it belonged to my 91 year old neighbour whom I have enjoyed visiting since we moved here 34 years ago. Her older sister was the first one in her family to be baptized in it. My dear neighbour had no children so it sat in a trunk for many years. I am delighted to have this keepsake as my reminder of my neighbour who has sold her farm and moved to a seniors apartment in town. I did get a couple of other treasures that will show up on a later post.

There is so much work in one of these gowns and it has a long slip under it as well.

It is hanging on a guest bedroom wall now.

I love old black and white pictures-this is of my husband so I won't call it an antique as he reads my blog!

I love these ceramic baby boots that I found in a nice little shop Primrose Lane in Alberton on our "up west" tour day.


Now you know it is hard to get away from here without a collage or two!

Thank you for visiting and I hope you can come back tomorrow for the rest of the story.

Take care,
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The Children's Corner
The Children's Corner
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