Touring Anne of Green Gables Land

Today I thought you might like to join me on a tour of Anne's land. I am assuming that, like me you have read Lucy Maud Montgromery's book Anne of Green Gables or have seen the movie. Now I know many of you are Anne fans and indeed many of you have come to Prince Edward Island because of falling in love with Anne's land. So, last week my hushband and I went for a drive to Cavendish and we went to see Green Gables while we were there.
So come on in and we can take a tour together.
First we will take a look around outside.
There are some lovely gardens to enjoy from the stone bench. The barn in the background is newer but made to look old.
I love the geranium's blooming in the window with the green shutters.
Green Gables side view.
A closer look at the barns.
Now let's go inside for a look around.
This is the parlour.
The dining room
pantry-oh! I love that blue and white platter
the sewing, spinning etc. room
Now we are upstairs in Anne's room -can't you just picture a little girl with red hair in here.
This is Mathew's room

Now this is the end of our tour of Green Gables.
Lucy Maude Montgomery

There is lots of farm land in Cavendish
We went to Cavendish beach
It was high tide there-don't you love the red cliffs?
The sun setting was beautiful!

I hope you enjoyed taking a tour of Anne's land with me.
Thank you for visiting,

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Touring Anne of Green Gables Land
Touring Anne of Green Gables Land
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