Christmas Past Once More

Life has been a little busy here lately so I am posting photos once again from the past Christmas. I will be getting into the swing of things next week and will be able to share new photos then. One of my daughter's has just moved into a new home and I have been having fun helping her and her family get settled in. I am hoping to share pictures soon. It does take awhile to make a house a home though doesn't it?

Anyway a few photos of our dining room decorated for Christmas last year.

These are just a few extra photos I threw in from around the house.

I hope you enjoyed another peek into the Christmas Past. Now ,I am taking a few days off -my husband and I are going on a short trip but I will be back next week all hyped for Christmas present. Speaking of present,I am so pleased to have a lot of my Christmas shopping done for this Christmas-early for me!

Hope you have a great week,


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Christmas Past Once More
Christmas Past Once More
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