I am Dreaming of.....

Now that halloween is over I am starting to dream of Christmas . I know it seems early when I think back to my childhood and we used to put our tree up a day or two before Christmas and shopping and baking were mainly done the week before as well. However,times have changed and I do love to decorate for Christmas and I love the coziness of being snug and warm inside with the glow of candles or fairy lights etc. It is something I look forward to as soon as the garden cleanup is done. I know I am not alone in this because I have been visiting some of you who are also dreaming of Christmas. As some of you have noticed my pictures have disappeared from my blog(I still am not sure why) from June to the start of my blog a year or more earlier. So today I am sharing some of my photos from last year at Christmas.

This is our bedroom at Christmas- the last few years we were on a Christmas house tour for a good cause.

I made the stocking from ends of fabric.

This is the end of my daydreaming for today.

This is the reality- we had to dig a new well and are getting a new pump put in today. As my mother would say 'there is always something to keep the rabbits tail short'!

It was cold last night -2 degrees Celsius.

frost and ice in the birdbath.

I wanted something to cover the bare wall over the veranda so I thought maybe these stars would do the trick. I had the large outline of a star on our barn so I asked my husband to cut out a wooden star the same size from scrapes in our barn (I know we save everything for a reason and not just because we have a barn)he he! I am happy with it-good job Andrew.

Speaking of Andrew he is patiently waiting for me so we can go for our morning walk so I am off to enjoy the fresh air and sunshine and of course the company of the worlds sweetest man!

Hope you have a good day,


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I am Dreaming of.....
I am Dreaming of.....
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