I'm Back!

Hello again,

We arrived back home last night after taking a little trip down to Maine. We had amazing weather the whole time we were there. We drove down to Kennebunkport on the southern coast of Maine. I thought I would share some of our journey with you.

The above photo and the four below are from a B&B we stayed at on the way down.

I liked the way it was decorated.

We walked on the beach- so different from ours with all the houses along the beach.

a more rugged coast line a little further down

We enjoyed lots of long walks

We also enjoyed walking around the town

I think this is very New England

They have many nice restaurants

with great food. Chocolate banana bread pudding for my sweet tooth!

I think I might get lost in some of the lovely big homes-I wonder if they have a dozen or more children!

I think this one is for sale-I love the ornate architecture of this one.

Some of these homes are in Kennebunk -neighbouring Kennebunkport.

This charming little shop got top marks from me for charm and they even had a little table set up outside with punch and sweets-how sweet is that!

Their window at night-we enjoyed walking the town at night also.

This is another charming shop- it looks like an English shop front to me.

If we got tired of walking we could take a horse and carriage.

Of course we also did some shopping.

One of these birdhouses had to come home with me-if you guessed the little church you would be right.

and then it was home sweet home again! We had a great time but it is always nice to come back home.

Tomorrow we are going to the attic for our Christmas decorations-I would be embrassed to tell you how many boxes are up there!

Thanks for visiting,


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I'm Back!
I'm Back!
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