White Wednesday

Hello everyone, another Wednesday has rolled around again so I went in search of some pretty whites to share. I used to knit a lot when my children were small but got out of the habit for awhile but lately I have the urge to pick it up again. So I got out my old knitting needles and some yarn and thought they made a pretty picture!

I have linens and lace in various places around our home.

I know many of you saw this recently but it fit so well for White Wednesday that i had to show it again.

angelic white soap and very old handmade lace made by my 90 year old neighbours maiden aunt-such fine work. What patience she must have had.

the little white bird that sits on my teapot.

I love white birdhouses too-I can see another white Wednesday post coming up!

The white seed head of pampas grass looks pretty against the blue sky.

my white cottage tea party.

a little angel

another little 'angel' Jessica having a tea party.

girls day out! three of our four granddaughters having a chat.

no friend like a sister!

Lady in white! our 2 year old granddaughter Abby.

I will end with another of my collage.

I am joining Kathleen at Faded Charm for White Wednesday. i hope you enjoy checking out other white Wednesday posts.

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White Wednesday
White Wednesday
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