Cozy Fireside Tea

Good evening everyone,

It is a lovely evening to stay curled up by the fireside with a cup of tea or a nice cup of cocoa.

I have been working on getting the house all cosied up for the Christmas season. Tonight,I plan to enjoy the fruit of our labors by having a relaxing evening by the fire with my sweet husband.

enjoying a cup of tea with the Christmas music playing quietly in the background. Have you heard Enya's And Winter Came- I love it.

I think after relaxing with our tea for awhile it would be a good evening to watch a nice Christmas move. One of my favorites is Little Women- what is your favorite Christmas movie?

I hope I haven't put you to sleep yet-it is getting warm in here!

Hope you have a warm cozy evening too,

Take care,


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Cozy Fireside Tea
Cozy Fireside Tea
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