Show your Cottage

Today it is Show your Cottage Monday at the lovely House in the Roses. I decided to join in but I am showing my good friend Heather's lovely new home.

I love her guest room. Heather painted and distressed the wooden headboard.

Can you see the pretty dishes in her cupboards?

Like me ,Heather loves toile.

This was an old window Heather bought at a yardsale. I like how they used it inside between the kitchen and entry. I think it adds charm.

Can you see why Heather and I are friends-we love all the same things!

I love how Heather displays her china in nooks and crannies all over her home.

.Thank you Heather for these lovely photos and thank you also to Cielo at the House in the Roses for hosting this fun event. I hope you will enjoy the other partipants cottages as well.

Thank you for visiting,

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Show your Cottage
Show your Cottage
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