Mosaic Monday

Good morning! It is mosaic Monday again so I have a few I would like to share. they are still an autumn theme but I find myself thinking about Christmas already so this will be my last Autumn ones this year. The leaves are rapidly falling here and soon the trees will be bare.
This collage is a mix of photos I took from around the Island.

Another mosaic of photos around our home.

On Halloween day we had a little party at our house for the little ones(our grandchildren) and their parents. Our woods was soon invaded by the cutest little creatures. there was a bat ,lions,a skunk a fairy princess and a little pink angel. It was a warm day and our grandchildren had great fun. I am not really a great fan of Halloween but I do like to see the little ones having fun.
These photos were taken last week at Knox Dam.It is beautiful there in all season's .

I am joining Mary at Little Red House again and hope you too will enjoy the many lovely mosaics at Mary.s.

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p.s. you can click on the photo if you wish to enlarge them
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Mosaic Monday
Mosaic Monday
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