My Transferware Collection and Santa

Hi everyone,

I hope you enjoyed your weekend and are ready for a brand new week! Do any of you have snow yet? I am looking forward to just a few inches of some fluffy white snow some time soon. Our mild weather seems to have left us so maybe soon we will have that winter wonderland.

Anyway, today I have opened my cupboard doors to show you my red and white transferware.Some of you were wondering where I kept all my dishes so this is where a good portion of it is kept but I will show the rest of my storage places later. Somehow, one of my favorite father Christmas's got in the way first-so did you notice his red and white toile coat?I think he was made for me!

ho ho ho!

It is hard to avoid a glare on the glass so I will open the doors.

a closer look

The red and white willow dishes belonged to my husband's great aunt.

We use a wood pellet stove to help heat our home.

I am slowly adding a piece here and there to my collection although I have to confess it is a few pieces smaller after a tragic accident of a dish falling down and sending a few plates to smash on the floor.Now I will have to do a mosaic!

Hope you enjoyed your visit.


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My Transferware Collection and Santa
My Transferware Collection and Santa
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