A Winter Tour

                                                              Hello everyone,
                       We are still in the midst of winter here with another storm on the way tonight. So let's enjoy
                       some of the beauty of winter here on the Island.
                          I took these first two shots a couple of weeks ago in Summerside about a 45 minute drive
                         from our home.
                                                   Spinnaker's Landing in Winter
These are a few shots of Avonlea Village in Cavendish ~ a tourist attraction in the summer months.

                                                             The Avonlea Church

Great George St. in Charlottetown on a snowy day shortly after Christmas.

                  Just a short tour today but if we get all the predicted snow, I hope to be out for awhile
                             with my camera in hand.

                                                             Enjoy your weekend!
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A Winter Tour
A Winter Tour
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