Milk & Cookies

                                                                      Hello everyone,
                                   It has been wintry here lately with colder temperatures but beautiful
                                sunshine and yesterday was the first day in weeks that I enjoyed my
                                walk outdoors in stead of the gym. It was so nice to come in from
                                the sunshine with rosy red cheeks.We are expecting another snow
                               storm tomorrow night though ~ it does seem like a long winter this
                               year. Some of you already have flowers blooming in their garden
                               (Madelief in Holland) so I must admit to feeling a little envy as it will
                               be a couple of months yet before we reach that stage.
                                  Anyway, I guess I will have to console myself with some milk
                                 and cookies!

 Milk and ginger cookies go well together.

I got these little teacups on our trip to England at the 
factory where they are made.
                                 Sometimes it is the simple things that make the sweetest pictures.

                  Last week I spent some time playing in pic monkey a free program and
                            they do have some nice effects that are easy to do. I do have photoshop
                            but find it harder to learn all that it has to offer.......someday,I hope to
                            study some tutorials on how to use it.Does anyone have any recomm
                            endations  for me on a good beginners site?

                                             I hope you enjoyed some milk and cookies!

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Milk & Cookies
Milk & Cookies
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