Valentine's Day Tablescape

                                                                   Hello everyone,
                                    Hope your week is going well. For my tablescape today, I am using
                                a mix of my brown and white china for a special Valentine's Day
                                   My 'Brown Botanical' teapot goes well with the romantic plates
                                   Claire Wilson's ~ Heaven.
                                             The lacy chargers add a romantic touch.
                                      These pretty red roses have lasted for over a week.I put them in
                                      a cool room at night to keep them fresh longer.
                                        The table is set by the baywindow again.

                                                             Lace & Linens

                                       The cherub urn with the english ivy gives a bit of a garden feel
                                       to the table.I am hoping that since winter started early this year
                                       spring will also.

           A storm is headed our way but it is a mix of snow and rain so it is hard to say what we
                     will end up with but I know that many of you south of us have been hit hard.

                    Today, I am joining Between Naps on the Porch for Tablescape Thursday.

                                      Hope you have a special day tomorrow!


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Valentine's Day Tablescape
Valentine's Day Tablescape
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