Dreamy Whites

                                                                        Hello everyone,
                                   I hope your week is going well. I know that some of you have been
                                   by another snow storm and we are getting some snow now as well.
                                   And indoors, it is white today also as I am sharing a white teatime.
                                      The teapot and the cup and saucer both came from Winner's.
                                    I made the little heart last year using a pretty lace doily.

                               This very old lace curtain was one of my very first thrift shop finds.
                                                               Dreamy Whites.
                                    I have 2 of these beautiful ameryllis and I have enjoyed them so much.

                         Lila is our youngest granddaughter and she turned five years old
                                    today. We enjoyed having family for supper and sharing Lila's
                                    birthday cake with her ~ Happy Birthday, Lila!

                                                                                           Thank you for visiting,
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Dreamy Whites
Dreamy Whites
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