Blue & White Transferware Cupboard

                                                                   Hello everyone,

                              On this bright winter day I thought I would share the change I made in
                             the display of china in the cupboard in our library/dining room.
                               As many of you know, I have a pretty good collection of red and white
                               transferware but I have to admit I find all the different patterns and
                               colors hard to resist.
                                    At Christmas time I had my Friendly Village collection in here
                                    but a few weeks ago I was in the mood for a change and so
                                    that set went inside the cupboard and out came my blue and
                                     white transferware that I have collected over time and
                                     usually one piece at a time.

                          This large soup tureen came home from a trip to England a few years
                          ago in my carry on bag.
                                     The teapot was my Mom's along with a few other pieces.

                                    The windmill cream and sugar on the left were also my Mom's.
                                    They are made by Delft in the Netherlands where my Mom
                                    lived until moving to Canada as a young war bride.
     This is Islander Day here ~ a nice break in the middle of winter for many and we have been
                all plowed out after another winter storm on Sunday. I heard rumors of another storm
                headed our way for Wednesday.
                     I also have another small cupboard of blue and white china but I will share that
                     another day ~ maybe a tablescape.

                                                     Thank you for visiting!


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Blue & White Transferware Cupboard
Blue & White Transferware Cupboard
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