Soft & Sweet

                                                                         Hello everyone,
                                      On this sunny but crisp winter day I have been enjoying playing
                                     with my camera and my dishes again. I know I am getting a little
                                     boring here lately but I am still working on  my Tea Time book
                                     so tea things have been my focus.
                                                        One of my favorite teapots.
                                        Pretty teacups are always one of my favorite things but my tea cup
                                       cupboard is getting pretty full so I might have to start downsizing it.

                                    I love the tea cup holder as it is a nice way to display some of
                                    my favorites.

                                             Enjoy a piece of cake while you are here!

                                           The Shelley tea cup was a lovely gift from a friend ~ I love the unique
                                        This teapot was a birthday gift from my husband a few years ago ~
                                        love that he knows my taste so well!
                        I hope you enjoy a lovely weekend and be sure to enjoy
                                   a good cup of tea!

                                                          Thank you for visiting,
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Soft & Sweet
Soft & Sweet
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