In the Bleak Mid Winter

                                                                    Hello everyone!
                                     Another snow day here as we got over 30cm of snow overnight
                                    last night,closing schools and some work places.
                                 I enjoy looking out onto our porch and seeing my tablescape
                                 so I am leaving it there for awhile.
                                      My good husband out shoveling our walk off again!
                                   You can see even our car got a good cover of snow.

                                                          It will soon be a tunnel up to our door.

                                       A good thing it is cozy and warm inside our home.
                       It has been quite a winter here so far and I am hoping we are more
                                 then midway through this one but apparently we have more snow on
                                the way tonight!
                                    However, with the trees all laden with fresh white snow it is
                                   definitely  a winter wonderland out there!

                                                                     Hope you stay warm and cozy!

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In the Bleak Mid Winter
In the Bleak Mid Winter
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