Romantic Sunroom Beauty

                                                                   Happy weekend!
                                 As many of you know we have had a lot of snow here this winter ~
                                so I am beating any winter blahs with lots of summer color in our
                               little sunroom.
                                  The sun has been shining the last few days and snow is melting
                                  and inside the sunroom it is warm and cozy.
                                    I love having tea or lunch in here so I have surrounded myself
                                   with some beautiful flowers. It didn't hurt that there was a big
                                  clearance on them this week so I got lots of flowers for the
                                 cost of one bouquet of roses a few days before.
            I have got lots of enjoyment from them already and I hope you are enjoying them too!

                                             The hydrangeas are such a beautiful color!

                                                 Tulips and roses are part of the mix.

                                                   Of course we always have our tea!

                                   This cute boot came from Cool Breeze Garden Center.

                 I hope you can linger for awhile and bask in the sunlight here in
                           our little sun room ~ it is sure to chase away the winter blues.

                                                         Have a happy weekend!
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Romantic Sunroom Beauty
Romantic Sunroom Beauty
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