A Garden Fairy and Other Treasures!

Last weekend we had an adorable little fairy come to play in our garden.

She fluttered and twirled from flower to flower.

She skipped and hopped.

She stopped to smell the flowers.

She stopped to contemplate all that she saw.

Our little granddaughter Jessie makes such a cute little fairy in our garden.

Another treasure- I found these dishes at the Reed House Antiques in Tryon P.E.I. on a tour day we took. I love the soft colors and the pretty shape.

I thought they were a bargain at $35. for all these dishes.

They are made in England.

It is our fundraiser garden tour tomorrow and the weatherman is predicting not only rain but thunder squalls as well. I hope he is wrong but I'm digging out my umbrella just in case. We have three grandchildren spending the night on Saturday and three little one's being baptized on Sunday with a family lunch here after,my sister is arriving on Monday,and a tea and dessert garden tour on Tuesday. So, you might not hear from me for a few days butI hope you have a happy weekend too!

Take care,

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A Garden Fairy and Other Treasures!
A Garden Fairy and Other Treasures!
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