A Garden Party at Susan's!


I am glad you could come today for a party in the garden.

This weekend Susan is hosting a Garden Party so I thought it would be fun to join in. So come on in and take a little tour of this 'room' of our garden .

The delphinium and monkshood are putting on a good show now.

Lets just stroll around for a bit before we head tp the veranda for our afternoon tea.

This is Audrey presiding over her domain.

She is a rather elegant lady don't you think?

The garden is really bursting into bloom now but can you believe how quickly the summer is going?

upclose and personal.

I bought this old pitcher at Coulson's Antiques in Summerside several years ago. It is perfect for large bouquets.

Well now let go and have some refreshments.

Would you like some iced tea or lemonade to start. Please help yourself to the scones and sandwiches but save some room for lemon meringue pie!
Thank you for visitng and I hope you will have time to attend the other garden parties this weekend at Susan's Savoring Time in the Kitchen.Thank you Susan for being such a great hostess.

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A Garden Party at Susan's!
A Garden Party at Susan's!
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