A Lazy Summer Afternoon!

Do you remember that old song roll out those lazy hazy days of summer-where do they all go? I remember as a child summer seemed endless and now blink and it's gone(well almost) !
So why not take some time to grab a good book and head to the shore.
It is so beautiful here with the sun and the clouds.
Take along a little picnic.
If the sun is too bright for you =you may use my parasol.

You can enjoy the beautiful view-water and rolling hillside.
Wasn't that a pleasant way to spend an afternoon?
Today I am joining Susan again for Outdoor Wednesday over at A Southern Daydreamer. Hope you will have time to daydream too! Thank you Susan for hosting this fun event.

Take care and thanks for visiting,

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A Lazy Summer Afternoon!
A Lazy Summer Afternoon!
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