A White Garden Tea!

Hello! I'm glad you could stop by for a visit on this beautiful sunny day. Today I am joining in on Susan's Tablescape Thursday.
I thought we would have our tea in this little enclosed garden as it is at it's best now.

Come and have a seat. I got these chairs and the table at Winner's in the spring. I love them!
This teapot also came from Winner's. I hope you like peppermint tea and rhubarb muffins.
I love this little bit of crystal catching the light.

Martha overlooking her garden-watching all the little birds coming and going.

I will pour us a cup of tea and then we can wander around the rest of the garden.
Thank you for coming and I know you will enjoy Susan's beautiful porch if you haven't already seen it and all the other participants as well. You can visit Susan here At Between Naps on The Porch.
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A White Garden Tea!
A White Garden Tea!
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