Back to the Garden!

Oh! It is good to be back in the garden although I did enjoy my beach days it is always good to turn into our lane again and think 'home sweet home'.
This is a new 'pink rose delight' echinacea'- I love it.
This is another one called merinque-pretty also. I am hoping these do well on our oft neglected hillside garden.
This birdhouse came from tjmaxx a few years ago.
I went out to the garden at 5;30 am to get some garden shots in early morning light for a change but generally unless there is early morning fog I prefer evening shots.
This is a double capanula(bellflower)=looks good with the later blooming peony Sarah Bernheart.
This is a rue with a nice yellow flower.
Last year I finally realized that most of my roses are various shades of pink-guess that means I love pink but now I am thinking a few dark red would be a nice contrast.
This is one of several Willam Baffin climbing roses. these are very hardy so good for our colder zone 5b winters.
I have been dividing my peach leaf bellflowers and moving them around the garden-a sure sign I like them.
Isn't this astrantia pretty?
I love these dainty roses in our Martha's garden. I also realized this morning how many of my roses are unnamed- old age creeping up on me or too many plants? Don't answer that!!!
I won't forget this rose 'The Fairy Rose' because I love it so much. It is an easy care very dainty rose and blooms well for a long time. You will be seeing more of this one.

The rose is 'John Cabot' and a delphenium white. Soon the purple and blue ones will join this one in bloom. They are so showy-but do need to be tied or staked in our garden.
I love roses but I am a long way from an expert so I like to have mainly hardy easy care old fashioned ones.
Our climbing hygrangea at arbor along the road is doing well now-they are a little slow to establish but then grow fast.
Still some pretty peonies mixed in with hardy roses. I love this combination although my photo didn't do it justice.
Willam Baffin again.
This is in our Chelsea garden- I will have to give you a better tour through it soon. It is still a bit of a work in progress.
Love the color of this delphenium with the pink roses.

Looking through our terrace at the rosa rugosa roses. I have planted a clematis up that pole but it is struggling for light-those greedy roses!
The delphenium are just coming into their prime.
I love foxglove and wish they would spread faster here.
John Cabot at the road near our mailbox.
the Jackmani clematis is just starting to bloom and of course I love clematis and roses together too!
This is Audrey lurking in the garden see looks a little chilly or maybe just shy.

I think this is multi blue clematis isn't it pretty.
Sorry I think I got carried away with this shot.

Oh, I forgot to show you my heavenly scented mockoranges and I have several. There are two blooming right by my window and I am so enjoying the fragrance wrafting in the open window.Oh well tomorrow is another day-lots more to show you later! Now,I am going out to enjoy the rest of this beautiful day in the garden.
Hope you enjoy your weekend,

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Back to the Garden!
Back to the Garden!
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