Veranda Video

I took this video on our veranda last summer and I think it would be interesting to share. So when my son was here last night I got him to post it for me. Now,had I have realized I was sharing it I would have done a little tweaking on the veranda but I like how it shows the garden. Some day soon I will do a little video of the garden for you with my old camera.
A lot of our garden tours from Japan have cancelled this year because of the swine flu so our next tour is a fundraiser tour for muscular dystrophy on Saturday July 25 at 1:30 until 4:oo if there are any Islanders who would be interested-send me an email if you want more info. Actually,you don't have to be an Islander we would gladly welcome visitors from all over the world!!!

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Veranda Video
Veranda Video
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