Stately Delphiniums

We have been busy in the garden this week-deadheading, weeding and redoing the edges on all the beds. Although we like to keep the garden in pretty good shape all summer,there is nothing like a tour to give us an extra push.. Today I am sharing recent photos of one of my favorite plants-delphiniums. In the spring we give them a dose of mushroom compost and stake most of them as they get taller so they don't break off in heavy rain and wind. Our garden is fairly sheltered with trees so it is not so much of a problem.

I love the color of these and the height-the tall ones are from the knights of the round table and the shorter ones are magic fountains. Igrew some from seed a few years ago and now I divide them in early spring when I want more.

They look pretty with roses.

And pretty with clematis.

I love coming home and seeing them leaning over the picket fence.

Aren't they stately?

See them looking through the arbor?

I love them with daylillies too.

Some have black bees in the centre and others white.

I have them sprinkled around the garden.

black bees

white bees-all are beautiful!

Well I am off to the garden! Did I mention my sister is coming home from Vancouver for a week,she will be staying with us and my Mom is very excited to see her too!

Take care,
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Stately Delphiniums
Stately Delphiniums
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